My estate sales

Why do an estate sale? You may be surprised!

Why an estate sale?

Usually estate sales come about what a parent passes away and the children are left with the responsibility of dealing with the furniture and belongings. That’s where we come into the picture.

  • We provide total services for the disposal of your loved one’s belongings.
  • Nothing is too big or too small.
  • We sell boats, cars, campers, furniture, dishes, everything that is left.
  • We do the advertisement in 4 local papers.
  • We do a mailing to our database of over 400 regular followers.
  • We put fliers in post offices and businesses.
  • We mail out many fliers to followers who don’t have email access.

We do all the work

  • We will give you an estimate of what the sale will bring
  • We completely rearrange all the items including furniture for easy sale
  • If we find any currency or items that we feel may be heirlooms, we tell you.
  • We take all the worries and work out of the sale.

What does it cost?

  • We charge 30% of the total sales (Cars and boats as little as 10%)
  • You pay for the ads in the local papers (usually less than $400 total)
  • We provide a website with photos of the merchandise.
  • We do several emails directing people to the website to see the photos.
  • All sales are full price on Fridays
  • We reduce the prices by 30% Saturday morning.
  • We further reduce the price to 50% on Saturday afternoon to clear the items.

How long does it take?

  • All depends on the amount of goods and size of the property
  • Can be up to 6 weeks, but usually 3 to 4 weeks perpetration.
  • We provide receipt books for every item sold.

What happens if everything doesn’t sell?

  • We offer suggestions if you want to donate any items that are left.
  • We offer suggestions if you have furniture or items left to auction.

What is your obligation?

  • Really none.
  • We do not charge to give you an estimate.
  • We usually come to the residence within 24 hours.


You have nothing to lose. We take all the risks and bear the expenses until the end of the sale. After the sale is ended, within 14 business days we will provide you all the receipt books and a check for the proceeds, less the commission.

To get your free estimate call me today at 706-491-9787, or email me at:

Diane Cole

Cole’s Collectibles

Martin GA

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