Watch for my next sale

Thanks to all our faithful friends and staff who made our sales last year such a great success.

Check back here often for updates on potential sales.


Diane Cole

Cole’s Collectibles

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I look forward to seeing you again.

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30 Replies to “Watch for my next sale”

    1. Thanks Charles this is one of the largest sales I have done! With Holidays and family I can’t get it ready before January😊 keep watching my website for photos. Di

  1. Hi Diane, this is my first time on your website. Do I have to get an number before I can start to buy thing. Watch some things in the kitchen an one of the bathrooms. Also please keep my email address an keep me in touch with your next sale. Thanks Diane! see you tomorrow!

    1. Thanks, Janice.
      Hope you were able to get the things you wanted. It was a real sale! Lots of problem with the rain on Friday, but a great sale. I have you on the mailing list. Come back and visit the website soon.

  2. I’m on your check out my next sale list but I’m not getting updates. Are you still doing sales? When is your next one?? Thanks!

    1. Donna
      Don’t know why you’re not getting my emails, but I will make sure you’re on the list.
      My next estate sale is listed here on the website. You can look at he photos here.

  3. Looks like a great sale coming up August 16 & 17. Looking forward to your sale.

    Got new phone so I had to change my email address

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